Saturday, 14 February 2009

grumpy bear

see that fred with the bad nose, well he is grumpy as h**l i can tell you.

i am going to buy him a huge box of kleenex today so he can keep his nose clean.

it is valentines day and the ted crew are preparing a party. there is only one female amongst us, gwendoline, and she really does not cut the mustard in the fancying department. however, we must make the best of what we are given. and as we have been given gwendoline, we will do our utmost to woo her.

i am taking her out to supper, fred (when he has finished tidying up his stuffing) is going to buy some sparkley wine, panda is just going to look at her lovingly with his dark brown glass eyes, thankfully he still has two of them, even though is stuffing is loose.

i just have to decide where gwendoline and i can go for our supper. fred suggested our local chippy, but i feel gwendoline might feel it a bit beneath her. after all she is a faded film star and has starred with wallace and gromit many years ago.

i could of course easy jet her off to sunnier climes, and feed her oysters and champagne on a deserted beach somewhere, although at the moment i do not have enough spondulicks for such a treat. also i may be spotted on the plane by the evil easy jet air crew and be kidnapped once more for their wicked sales purposes.

i will report back.

however, in the meantime, bear with me. well of course, there are always bears with me.

i will think of something i am sure. happy valentines day to any bear looking in.

remember bears, one day we will rule the world.

easy jet bear ;0)

bear ess

as you can see gwendoline is pretty p****d off with having to date with me, and she is also pretty p****d off with fred, he has what we call "tissue issues", however i wanted you to see us all in party mood, as far as this lot can party.

although i have to admit i rather admire gwendoline's cute but rather fixed grin.........

and she is more than a maggie thatcher at the handbagging!


  1. hi there ted crew!

    think all this romancing grewdoline has gone to your head - woosdock was so berefit @ you leaving a comment he truly felt was meant for him with me, i'm having to move it over for him....

    love from a harrarssed
    aunt blue

  2. good afternon crew!
    just wondering how the date went.
    and how many bad heads there are due to gwendoline & her handbag...
    you must remember to be respectful to ladies!



straw noses anyone?