Friday, 13 February 2009

First past the post

well we have made it.

escaped from human dominance and made our first ted crew mark on the blogging world.

allow me introduce the ted crew.

i am easy jet bear with the orange t-shirt. i was purchased on a budget airline plane - one of those airlines where you have to buy your peanuts and your vodka and tonic, plus take a deep breath on landing.

panda - the grubby looking toy to the left of this photo. he is ancient, possibly 50 years or more old. even older in ted years.

in the vase, we have fred, he also is possibly geriatric too. his nose is disgusting, and gives me the barf what with all the straw coming out of it. constantly.

behind him, gwendoline, a faded film star. who also needs to get a good hairdresser.

the evil dolls you can see at the back are sworn enemies of the ted crew however they insisted on getting in on the photo because they want world domination too.

and they are pretty scary.

well that is the ted crew introduced. this is also our first post.

we intend to dominate not only the world but possibly the universe. we also want total abolition of capital letters. they are truly the work of the devil.

personally i would like to see the abolition of straw stuffing for bears and pandas, however this may be too much to ask.

i hope you can follow our world domination adventures, once we can squeeze gwendoline and fred outta the vase of course.


  1. wow you lot are pretty feisty

  2. oh sorry meant to put my name in this blogging is complicated for a bear of little brain

  3. good afternoon to you all.
    impressive looking crew you are too.
    may slip up with this capital letter thing of yours as came from the old school of education, but will do my best to obligue.
    hope to read more about you very soon.

  4. Hello.

    Are you new bears on the block?

    We blog occasionally when the mood takes us or when we are not consuming copious amounts of porridge and honey.



straw noses anyone?